Is driving without a license a felony in Alexandria

Is driving without a license a felony in Alexandria¬†Virginia? Under Virginia Code of law, driving without a license is different from driving while an individual is suspended in Virginia. Driving without a license means that either it was not made or the license has expired. Driving without a license is considered as a Class 2 … Read more

Juvenile Felony Charges in Henrico Virginia

The consequences of juvenile felony charges in Henrico Virginia are serious. If a juvenile is convicted for a crime that will be considered, as a felony charge if committed by an adult, then the juvenile will have to deal with the label of being a felon for all of his/her further life. In case a … Read more

Do I need a reckless driving attorney

You may ask yourself; do I need an attorney for a reckless driving charge? The simple answer to the question is yes. If you get, summon or a ticket for reckless driving, you should get legal help. If you do not get help, the state will add the charge to your criminal record. Make sure … Read more

Carnal Knowledge of Minor in Chesterfield Virginia

It is the relevant state found in Virginia law state and is labeled as “Carnal knowledge of the child under 18 ages “. The Carnal knowledge of Minors in is a state which includes all different kinds of sexual behaviors and sexual acts from intercourse to act of oral sex. The charges of this carnal … Read more

Annapolis Maryland Child Abuse Laws

Annapolis, Maryland prosecutors seriously raise child abuse. Sometimes seriously, like when innocent work leads or speaks of a small child, a serious offense is charged. Child abuse physical: The first type is the cases of physical abuse against children. These charges are often exaggerated or involve legal punishment in the body. The images are often … Read more