Hit and Run Charge in Warren Virginia

Virginia has a very complex set of laws which governs your duties if you are involved in an accident or hit and run. If you are involved in an accident, the basic rule is that you need to stop at the accident scene and look for property owner or report your information to the property owner if there is an unattended property. Leaving the scene of an accident or hit and run charge is a very serious criminal offense in Warren, Virginia.

The Virginia law allows the police for hit and run charge in certain cases which includes:

  1. If the driver fails to stop and make the accident report
  2. The passenger is of 16 years or older
  3. The passenger knew about the accident
  4. Accident caused injury, death or property damage

The statute needs a passenger to report within 24 hours to state police or the law enforcement agency. The consequences faced by a passenger to report Warren, Virginia hit and run charges ranges from misdemeanor to felony liable on the injuries and fatalities as a result of accident. A passenger could also face jail time, fines and criminal record if charged with hit and run.

Possible Defense to Hit and Run Charge in Warren Virginia

It is common for police to rely on detailed proof and the recalls of witnesses. That type of proof is often incidental, offering a wide range of potential defenses. In some cases, you might not have even been alert there was a mishap or that someone was wounded or died. You also might have been a traveler and not the driver, or you might have been ordered by police to leave the accident place. Lastly, you can try to show that you made an effort at contacting the property owner or left a note. In some cases, the value of the damaged property could be open for discussion. If that value is less, the option of a reduced punishment is possible.

Penalties for Hit and Run Charge in Warren Virginia

The penalties for hit and run charge in Warren Virginia differ and depend on several factors like whether anyone was hurt or killed in the accident and the extent of damage to the property. Some of the possible sentences as a result of hit and run charge includes:

  • Almost 10 years of time in prison if the accident resulted in an injury, death or caused damage more than $1000 which is considered as Class 5 felony.
  • Upto 1 year in jail if the damage to the property was less than $1,000 but more than $250 which is considered as Class 1 misdemeanor.

Moreover, there is a loss of license which can be forced for a misdemeanor and one that is obligatory for the felony. Hit and run charges are severe legal matters in Warren, Virginia. If you are alleged of leaving the scene of a mishap which involves property damage, injury, or death to another, you need an expert legal representation for the protection of your privileges and to follow an effective defense.